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You are going to love this face cream as much as I do!  I use it every day and never take it off. Many ask me what do I use on my face as it is always glowing, and has literally turned back the clock for me when people guess my age to be 35, when I am a an aging 45 year old woman.  Its enriched moisterizers of shea butter, avocado, sunflower and whipped honey, hydrates the face, but with our 20 herbal blend serum its a natural, age defier, clarifies skin, reduces dark circles, repairs and tightens, while our herbal botanicals rejuviante skin with a healthly glow and repair cell damage. There is no chemicals additives, acids, or lipids added. People with problem skin, acne or red and dark spots can use it as well, as it has natural antiseptic properties to heal skin, while not leaving it dry or flaky.  One 2 oz jar of our cream lasts forever. A little big goes a long long way. It can be used as a primer or a daily and evening moisterizer, that leaves your skin silky smooth and an immediate radiant glow.. 

Radiant Glow Face Cream

  • We offer no refunds on this product. 

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