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My Greatest Love Story


Misty Dawn

Twenty years as a dedicated Healer, Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, and Reiki Master, I understood that when that small voice speaks, you only grow from listening to it. It moved me to study natural remedies, how to make blends, and what botanicals were suited for a happy marriage in healing. I understood that when you want to "Heal" the body and not just treat it, you have to address the body as a whole, and all the issues that causes pain and illness-- mind body and soul. 

I had grown tired of watching my clients and the people I love and care for live a diminished life of pain and medications that dulled their spirit. I crafted and created Healing Hands for someone near and dear to me who was told they would be wheelchair bound. Several years later they are not, and many of my clients, and loved ones have benefitted with decreased pain, refraining from surgeries and an overall energized vitality. 

I had no ideal though that the oils would be instrumental in my own sons healing process as a diagnosed Autistic Child. Radiance By Misty Dawn is a Family Production with my children, Jeffery and Jasmine both at the helm to craft and 

produce our Elderberry and Bath and body Products, and my Fiance Terrance, who grows the Microgreens, we all dedicate our lives to healing. 


                                              Listen to Jeffery's Testimonial 

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It is my greatest love story
I am a blessed woman
Much love to all
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Misty Dawn is a Reiki Master, Healer, Crafter, Writer, Creator, and Owner-Operator of Radiance by Misty Dawn

Today I enjoy my new-found passion which brings me the greatest feeling of satisfaction. When crafting and creating a natural remedy or bath product, I can look around to the faces of the people I love; my children, my family, and a loyal client base whom has supported me from the day I opened my doors, and can see the synergy of love in it all.  -Misty 

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