My Greatest Love Story


Misty Dawn

Fifteen years as a dedicated Healer, Massage Therapist, Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher, I understood that when that  small voice speaks, you only grow from listening to it. It moved me to study natural remedies, how to make blends, and what botanicals were suited for a happy marriage in healing. 

It was my partner and greatest challenge who would be instrumental in pushing me further. After suffering a bad accident from several years ago, the doctors told him the severe muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve damage would cause his body to deteriorate, and possibly lead to him being wheel chair bound. Just like many have experienced in accidents and injuries, he felt the dependency of the pain killers take control. Determined that I could help him and many of my clients who suffered with pain, he became my guinea pig to truly test the oil. For three months he used the serum every day, lubricating his joints and putting it into his bathwater. What he experienced was a pain level of ten plus reduced to a seven and continued to decline, as every day during his healing process, he received larger range of motion and fluidity in his body as a whole. To this day he is not taking pharmaceuticals and although he must still be aware of his body's limitations, he is not in a wheel chair, or so stricken with pain he can’t move. I watched as this man went from literally not being able to get out of bed to rebuilding the shelves and refurbishing furniture in my store where we do weekly demonstrations. Although our love story did not end with the same success, I will always be eternally grateful for the launching of Radiance By Misty Dawn and helping him to get him out of bed and back on his feet. Three years later, our little family business has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Me and my daughter now operate our family business, continuing the to help people with pain. 


We use our story of love in every demonstration showing potential customers how they too can heal themselves.  From the love and respect two people share together on their journey of healing, the recipe of intent is infused into each and every bottle and onto the next who is ready to embark upon their own healing journey.

I had no ideal what listening to that little voice would mean. 

It is my greatest love story
I am a blessed woman
Much love to all
Misty Dawn is a Reiki Master, Healer, Crafter, Writer, Creator, and Owner-Operator of Radiance by Misty Dawn

Today I enjoy my new-found passion which brings me the greatest feeling of satisfaction. When crafting and creating a natural remedy or bath product, I can look around to the faces of the people I love; my children, my family, and a loyal client base whom has supported me from the day I opened my doors, and can see the synergy of love in it all.  -Misty