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Healing Hands Kit

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Healing Hands
Is made with love, infused with healing Reiki Energy and Herbs.

Our Healing Hands kit is the perfect way and best value of Healing. It includes our 4 0z serum,

Goats Milk Pain Relief Soap, and our Healing Botanicals that we throw in for free and provides an additional 12 to 16 applications. Don't have time for a bath or don't have a bathtub, then jump in the shower and use our Healing Hands Soap to Heal your entire body.

Then apply the potent power of Healing Serum to the most prevalent areas of the body where you feel the most pain and discomfort. Our Serum is an infused blend of Healing Botanicals that are known to target the source of pain. Decreasing inflammation, increasing synovial fluid in the joints for arthritis sufferers, stopping spasms, helping to break down fibrous tissue, increased mobility, calming the central nervous system, and helping to aid in the natural process. Because you don't digest it or use it as a cream on parts of your body, you integrate the body as a whole, effecting the Central Nervous System, the Ligaments, Tendons, and Muscles.

Many of our customers who have used CBD oil by itself, learned that when you just effect the Central Nervous System, the body builds a tolerance, causing one to increase their dosage and milligrams. With CBD oil costing anywhere from $45 to $100 and taken internally, many can't use just CBD with it showing up in the bloodstream, and it only lasts a month. 

We offer a more affordable way to healing that affects the entire body, without having to digest it, or building a tolerance to it. In fact, our customers after they feel relief in their body continue to use it, because it's the equivalence of eight different herbal supplements that you absorb in the body and not digest. Our customers claim an increase in vitality and energy by using it and continue to do so. 

Our oil is only $75.00 a bottle, and the kit is $100.00 with the soap and we throw in for free the botanicals that gives you an additional 12 to 20 applications. 


  • Helichrysum-known as the immortal flower is used to treat Malaria and Upper Respiratory infections, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Anticoagulant 

  • White Willow Bark-acts like aspirin

  • St John's Wort-antifungal, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-anxiety, burns, sedative.

  • Eucalyptus- pain reducer, dry skin, fights infections

  • Arnica- Effective pain reducer, Anti-inflammatory

  • Ginger- anti-inflammatory, increased circulation, stimulates digestion, blood pressure

  • Chamomile- cuts, wounds, boosts immunity, treats insomnia, muscle spasms

  • C.B.D.-pain reducer, anxiety, insomnia, acne


All these wonderful Healing herbs makes up our Healing Serum and as a Reiki Master of twenty years, our Serum infused with powerful healing energy that when applied topically creates a warming therapeutic sensation. Just put one full dropper into your hand and rub your palms together. This helps to amplify and activate the healing oil. 

When two full droppers are used in the bathtub, healing is amplified even more as the hot water opens the pores. And the best part is our Healing kit unlike topical creams, or drops will last you for four months to a year. Making our Kit the most affordable. 

Endorsed by a private school for Autistic and Special Needs Kids.

Use it topically, treat abscessed gums sores, pain, inner ear infections, or apply it to your bath for the most restful night's sleep, pain free. 

We don't make the claims on our product, but our customers do. visit our Radiance by Misty Dawn Facebook page, or our Testimonial page to learn how our Healing Hands kit may be right for you, or someone you love. Makes a perfect gift. 

Much love everyone, Happy Healing. 

Misty Dawn

Website is still under construction message us at our facebook page @radiance by misty dawn.


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