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Elderberry Love

Who knew that a Bush of flowers that grow as wildlife into Berries would be such a Natural Elixir in arming the immune system? 

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The Elder

It Seems appropriate to call a Berry that is known for its Antioxidants that prevents Cancer and builds extra proteins which minimizes cell damage from free radicals and viruses an Elder.  In a world gone Covid, Elderberry has indeed become the Elder that teaches us how Natural Preventatives when taken daily can keep us from getting sick. 

The Elder speaks loudly but softly to our body's healing by providing 40% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C in just one cup.  Powerful Antioxidant and proteins that keeps your cell wall from being penetrated or compromised. Thats why it deserves to be called the Elder, even though it's a berry. 

Our Syrup

We go above and beyond just your Ordinary Syrup by providing Probiotics for Natural Gut Immunity and additional herbs that Reduce Fever, Assist with Body Pain, Headaches, Anti-inflammatories, Antispasmodic, to reduce coughing spasms, Increased Immunity and extra Vitamin C.

We have taken the best herbs from our Effective Healing Hands Serum and infused it with our Syrup- Helichrysum, White Willow Bark, Astragalus, St John's Wort, Rose Hips, Ginger and much more. 

Made with honey, our Syrup refrigerated can last for up to 3 months. 

But we only want it to last less, because our Elderberry was built to impress.

Thats why here at Radiance by Misty Dawn we say

"1 tsp a day helps keep the Doctor Away.

But if you are feeling a little sicky, don't be picky and take three instead. 

Much love Peeps, Stay Healthy.

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