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Valley of The Peaks

River Valley
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This is my son Jeffery. Jeffery like many Children was Diagnosed with Autism. But unlike many with Autism, Jeffery's behavior didn't become prevalent until he reached his school grade years.

He was screaming out loud in the classroom, rolling on the floor, hitting himself in the face, busting his bedroom windows out with his bare hands, and even placed our family cats' paw in boiling hot water. 

It took some time, but finally after almost a year of weekly observation by a Behavioral Health Agency, Jeffery was diagnosed Autistic and ADHD.

It was not an easy journey as it never is for any parent with a child with special needs.  The school did not have the tools to reach Jeffery and he fail further into the cracks.  We found ourselves battling with Principals, Teachers and Doctor prognosis who wanted to medicate, almost daily and the emotional ramifications upon Jeffery was building.  Our Family took the road less traveled.  I Closed my store, refused medication, homeschooled, and began a regime that included, keeping a food diary, sensory rooms, breath work, meditation, yoga, energy work, and Herbs. To be precise our Healing Hands serum. But beyond all of this, what become the fundamental groundwork in guiding Jeffery was empowering him, to guide us. Today, Jeffery Baffles the doctors by showing no signs of Autism. In 2018 Jeffery, Myself and his sister wrote and recorded "In the Valley of the Peaks. It was our family celebrating the voice of Jeffery s in support of our journey and the journey that many face with Autism. 

Agency for Life Transformations, a Non-Profit Agency who dedicates its efforts toward empowering parents, children and families who seek the tools of learning, is teaming up with Radiance by Misty Dawn to share Jefferys story.

The agency provides Internships, Entrepreneurships, Mentoring working with Schools, Galleries, Local Businesses and the entire community of Brevard County Florida.

Agencies for Life in support of our little family business that was instrumental in Jefferys healing, has become distributors of our Healing Hands Products to support others.  

A New Healing Center and Social Hub called "The Center" will soon be opening their doors to provide the same extended services and tools, through utilizing the Agency and distribution of Radiance by Misty Dawn healing products.

Workshops, classrooms and guest speakers will be made available through the center as well as many other beneficial assets for any family with special needs.

Our vision is to mirror this vision from Florida, to Georgia, and as far as the vision will take us.  In retail stores, businesses, and centers alike, galleries, private schools and retreats.

If you are interested in supporting, sharing distributing our product, or have a class or workshop in your place of business, please message us so we can help support your vision. 

Together we will light the fires burning from the peaks.

In the words of Jeffery "Just Breathe, it's like letting something go"

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