Tired of using flea bombs, shampoos and treating your beloved fur babies with harsh chemicals that irriate their skin, make them sick and put out a foul odor. Our natural flea repellents actually work with the soothing aromas of Vanilla, and Oatmeal and soothes your fur baby with hydrating oils and botanicals that heal their skin. Also comes with a botanical bag filled with pest defying herbs to be placed in their bedding to fight the infestation.  Just spray your pet twice a day with our spray, place our botancial flea bomb in their beddding, and watch as your flea problem literally disappears, with a wonderful aroma of oatmeal and vanilla aromas, that you can also use as a natural deodorizer, without all the harmful synthetic sprays. Every one of our products before we ever place them on the shelve has been tested in our own home for true effectiveness. As an owner of three cats, I can tell you we have no flea problem. 

Natural flea spray with Botanical bag

  • Since most of our products are made natural and with essential and botanical oils, please keep them away from being exposed directly to extreme temperatures and sunlight. We offer no absolute return policy. However we strive to make each shopping experience, a delightful, affordable one for all our customers and we know that our products quality do work when used as directed.  Since all of our product is hand crafted and naturally made, we understand that quality and effectiveness is important to us as it is for our customers. If you have any issues regarding products you have purchased, please contact us as we are happy to provide you with store credit or a new one comparible in pric

  • All our products are natural hand crafted to assure you a product of pure quality that you wont find in any of your drug stores or large commercial brands. Please allow up to ten business days before receiving once your purchase had been received and processed.. Thank you Misty Dawn