Healing Relaxation: Reiki infused Crystal herbal soy candles, to lift or transmute any vibration of any room or space. Bask in the soothing aromas of lavender flowers garnished with Amethyst as the ultimate stone of Healing and crown Chakra in connection to divine.

Black Onxy for lifting negative energy and quartz crystal to amply the intent. Burn when feeling anxious or stressed or in a relaxing hot bath. Take a breath and visualize your heart space opening andcshining a vibrant green light to amplify the intention of your energy space with peace and healing..

Complete your candle with our Intention gift set box Includes intention candke, our Synergy spray in Lavender Amethyst for your body room or linen, a sage wand infused with Essentail oils, lavender, rose and Sunflower and herbal botanical bag to sooth away aches and pains..


Choose from Abundant love rose quartz rose

Good Vibrations Calcite lemongrass

Intention Candles