Healing Hands Pain Relief Serum is our double strength formula, that offers the maximum strength in pain relief and healing. Made with naturally infused botanicals in an olive oil base, this serum can be used topically or in the bath water alleviate all over body pain due to strained muscles, headaches or chronic illness. Used topically it expedites the healing process for wounds, cuts and instantly works on burn pain. If you love our healing hands formula, then you going to love our enhanced version that increases synovial fluid, repairs damaged cells, works on the central nervous system for stress, insomnia and hyperactivity.


Apply it topically by rubbing the oil into your hands and treating the effected area. For overall maximum body healing, use 2-3 full droppers into a full bath tub and soak from 10-20 minutes. We promise your body will thank you. Remember, a little goes a long way.





Happy Healing


Comes in a 4 oz. blue cobalt bottle.

Healing Hands