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Egg Cracken Cajun

My sweetheart is a Louisiana Boy, born and raised in Ohio. lol but some folks say that you acclimate to the Bayou way of life that gets in your bones and becomes a part of you.

From the way you talk and walk, think and express yourself, indicates a Louisianian flair, that to me is much more emphasized than a slow southern draw from old Savannah.

Such words have not been truer since my sweetheart only living in Louisiana for a few short years, is more Cajun than he is Ohio Farm Boy. Like when he's excited or surprised about something he says Gaaaawwwd or Come on like the Cajun Cook I used to watch back in the day who always sounded like he had tipped the bottle too many times with his ass on fire!! lol__ and it probably was from the amount of Cayenne Pepper he added to every dish.

He was fun to watch. Just as my sweetheart is when without warning, that same spirit roars out of him too.

I can always sense when his taste buds are craving for that Creole Spirit that leaves an explosion of spice and bold flavor in your mouth.

So, I went to my kitchen and begin exploring the possibilities of what I could imagine into creation.

I wanted something that would take less then 30 minutes to make, added that Cajun spice but was unique enough to be served in any top-notch restaurant on Bourbon Street.

The end result was an Egg Cracken Cajun. A Crab Cake Egg dish, with Low Country boil smothered with Elderberry Cajun Aioli Sauce.

Needless to say, my Louisiana Man, Ohio Farm Boy was very happy.

Elderberry is the new Antioxidant, protein producing berry that doctors are roaring about. And as they should. Elderberry has so many healing properties and when taken as a preventative daily creates an armor around your cell membranes, that keeps viruses and free radicals from attaching and penetrating or breaking down the cell wall.

And in the world of Covid Resistance, that is something to roar about!

It's a natural Laxative, and can be made into a syrup, jelly or as we at Radiance by Misty Dawn like to share, incorporated into many of your dishes.

Our motto is

"a teaspoon a day keeps the doctor away. but if you're feeling icky and sicky, don't be picky, instead take three"

Elderberry as we like to call it is the Elder that teaches us how Nature's Bounty is abound and if we can consider the simplicity of Natures Healing, we invite a simple way of life within our everyday vernacular that cultivates a seed of existence in harmony with the spirit of our natural being.

I think about how people who take many pills__ how they must feel each time they take them.

Do they feel disempowered by a pill that has more power over their body then they do?

Do they feel that they are weighing their body down?

Do they feel a relationship with the pill they are taking?

Or do they not feel anything at all?

I think of everything in terms of Healing. Perhaps it's because I have been A Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Therapist and Healer of twenty years, that to me everything is a relationship of healing____ And that when we invite this awareness into our every day, our every day is dedicated to healing ourselves of what feels imbalanced-mind body and soul.

When I use herbs instead of a pill, I think about medicine for my body

When I watch a movie, read a book or an article, I invite what medicine I want for my mind.

And what I choose to believe, verses what I am told to believe, I invite the medicine for my spirit.

Many have indicated through-out the years that Nature has not been proven to heal. That has not been my experience. And I ask a simple question that I think most don't ask themselves.

What do I want to believe? What medicine do I want for my spirit? One that hinders me by empowering something outside of myself, or one that empowers me by what is within?

I want a love relationship with everything in my life, to ensure the seeds of love in everything that my life becomes. When I take an herb, a tea, or something natural, I think about the relationship that it once had in relation to the relationship I am having with it.

It was something that was grown in the ground, nurtured, loved, by the sun and all the elements of nature itself as its own brother or sister who would love you as a part of the family.

It wasn't something fabricated in a lab, far removed from nature, and synthesized.

Why would I not want more of that relationship of nature to restore my natural self?

But I digress. On to the cooking. -which too is healing if one believes that food is medicine.

Ha ha For one brief second, I may have pulled your skeptic pessimistic selves into a world of Healing that may have logical sense.

For this recipe you will need

a package of crab cakes-oven ready-I used Fremont Fish Market I found at Krogers.

2tsp of Elderberry Syrup

5 tsp Elderberry Mirin Sauce

6 Eggs

1/2 cup of Coconut Milk

1 tsp of Coconut Oil

1/2 a pound of Argentina Pink Shrimp

2 Beef Cooked Georgia Sausage

1 tsp of Mayo

Sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle of Ole Bay

Feta Cheese

Sliced Tomatoes

Spray crabcakes with an oil spray and place in air fryer for 20 minutes

Beat eggs with 1/2 cup of coconut milk salt and pepper, ole bay cayenne pepper to taste.

whip all together and place in frying pan with 1/tsp of coconut oil. cook until done

cut up sausage, into slices, with shrimp, adding cayenne pepper, and ole bay straight to hot skillet for a blackened taste.

Take out your Crab Cake, lay egg mixture over the top with your low broil mix of sausage and shrimp over it, sliced Tomato, then drizzle with your Elderberry Aioli Cajun Sauce and sprinkle with feta cheese.

Elderberry Aioli Cajun style

So, this is a mix of my Elderberry Mirin Sauce I made with my Oriental Shrimp Microgreen Summer Rolls, and an aioli Cajun sauce.

Mirin is a sweet sugar sauce with vinegar that many Oriental dishes like to use.

But in this version, we are adding the Creole Flair with a dash of Ole Bay and Cayenne Pepper.

I tsp of Mayo

5 tsp of Elderberry Mirin- how to make this. 1/2 cup of Elderberry Syrup to 1/2 cup of Rice Vinegar, 1/2 tsp of fish sauce, 1/2 tsp of Braggs Amino Acids, Fresh Basil, and one fresh chili pepper-store in refrigerator as a dipping sauce.

2 tsp of Elderberry Syrup

A sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper, as hot as you like it

A sprinkle of Ole Bay, season to taste.

Mix up and set aside-then pour over your Egg Cracken Cajun


From our Radiant Family to yours. food is medicine.

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