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Cinnabon Pancakes-without the calories and boosts your immune system.

Who doesn't love the gooey yumminess of Baked Flour, Cinnamon, and Butter that captivates your senses and has you licking every grain of Hot spun sugar off your fingertips? That robust aroma of baked goodness filles up your senses and as if you were a Olympic Gold Champion, you sprint across the vast wideness of the mall to win the gold. "The Cinnabon"

Oh, how we love you so! Yet, your glutens, your sugar, and all the calories that goes straight to the hips and your heart, unfortunately is a factor we all must consider when Diabetes is on the rise, heart disease and that rancid word we all have come to truly hate that wreaks havoc on our immune system—Covid

This dangerously bloated bun — among these Fattiest Foods in America — contains nearly an entire day’s worth of fat and more than half of your daily allotment of calories. Wow!!

I made it my mission this morning to create our version of the Cinnabon, that are Gluten, Free, without eggs, gives an extra boost to support the Immune System, sugar free and still packs a powerful punch of that flavor we love from the Cinnabon, in every bite.

Three ingredients make the batter.

And best yet this pancake delivers four teaspoons of Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup in which we here at Radiance by Misty Dawn, say

"One teaspoon a day Helps keep the Doctor Away"

It Seems appropriate to call a Berry that is known for its Antioxidants that prevents Cancer and builds extra proteins which minimizes cell damage from free radicals and viruses an Elder. In a world gone Covid, Elderberry has indeed become the Elder that teaches us how Natural Preventatives when taken daily can keep us from getting sick.

The Elder speaks loudly but softly to our body's healing by providing 40% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C in just one cup. Powerful Antioxidant and proteins that keeps your cell wall from being penetrated or compromised. Thats why it deserves to be called the Elder, even though it's a berry.

And what better way to Introduce this powerful Elixir but in a Cinnabon Pancake.

This version I made had too much Banana taste for my kids, so you can tweak the recipe by adding half parts Banana and Avocado for extra smoothness and thickness.

This makes 4 pancakes-so if you need more double your ingredients.

1 cup of Oats

1 banana 0r half banana half avocado

1 tsp of sugar

3 tsp of honey

3 tsp of plant milk or almond milk

3 tsp of elderberry Syrup

Take all ingredients put in blender.

For the Glaze,

half a bar of Cream Cheese

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

2 tsp of honey

1 tsp of cottage cheese

whip to creaminess, add 1 tsp of water or milk to thin it

1 tsp of coconut oil in hot frying pan over medium heat. pour your batter and cook till a golden brown, then pour your mixture over it. Easy Peasy. And yummy. Food is Medicine

Much love from our Radiant Family to yours.

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