Love Goats milk soap and the sheer moisture rich lather of essential vitamins d and k that nourish your skin? Well then you are going to really love our Enhanced Healing pain relief goat milk soap infused with 9 different layered infused oil botanicals. Hellichrysum that makes up the power punch healing herb in our soap is known as the Immortal Flower. It detoxes, regenerates cells, works as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and an antiseptic.  Infused with fatty omega 3s from our hemp botanicals, these soaps are an absolute treasure for the mind body and soul. Alleviates aches and pain, reduces inflammation, calms relax the body for a good night restful sleep, or to start you day stress free.

Enhanced Healing Hands Goat Milk Soap

SKU: EHH_GoatSoap