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The Power is Within You

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I often wondered how it was during biblical times they spoke of men living for hundreds of years with long beards, strong bodies, and capable of walking for months at a time. Not at all like our typical seventy or eighty-year life span as we have seen in our modern time and era. I think I quite possibly, since entering the land of herbal healing, understand why.

Herbs are gifts of nature, bestowed to us by our creator itself, to be used as elixirs in nourishing and rejuvenating our bodies. But they aren’t your instant, quick fix. In our manufactured fast food world, we have forgotten "natures gold", and have instead created instant pain popping pills, that in the big picture reduces the quality of life while shortening it. Yes, supersize me and add addictive properties the equivalence of crack, and see what you get? Obesity and addicts. Guaranteed to shorten any life promoting misery, affliction and homelessness, while being demonized by society itself as being completely lazy.

There you go, mystery solved! So long Moses, we got something better than that White Willow Bark to aide your tired feet from climbing that mountain to god. It’s called synthetics and food grade cereal with paint thinner.

Sorry for the apparent sarcasm. It really does humor me by the amount of blame that goes on in our society through random dynamics, instead of really pointing the finger at the real culprit, instant gratification. We want it! We crave it! The pharmaceuticals companies make millions by it, and you as the consumer get to live with the backlash. We have lost the true essence of every gift the creator itself have given us on our abundant planet. We have forgotten how loved we are.

I often share my love story with potential customers. How in one moment staring upon the beautiful botanicals in their jars placed on my freshly built kitchen shelves, gave me a joy so immeasurable, I knew magic was afoot. I was no "Master Herbalist" but I was always someone who was opposed to taking any kind of medications or pills before I began my study into herbal medicine. I was no spring chicken. After fifteen years as a Massage Therapist, and Healer, every physical transaction that I had made in my youth, begin to reveal itself in my aged 42-year-old body. I knew just like any woman who feels the proverbial ticking clock on her reproductive organs, that something new had to be rebirthed. In the heart of my kitchen I felt the texture of every herb upon my fingertips, concocting the happiest of married blends in healing. And with each new vibrant sensation of aroma and touch that filled me, so did my veins course with an ignited flame; as if I was rekindling a relationship with a kindred spirit I once knew. My supportive family deemed me as the "Mad Scientist" or the "Happy Kitchen Witch" who created magical elixirs with the help of the fairies that did not do my dishes but danced with me as they whispered the loveliest of recipes.

Today, some three years later, my little Apothecary bath and body healing store, continues to grow as we add even more healing products to our line. It is such a satisfying affirmation as a Healer to create something that allows me to keep healing, but not creating more strain on my body. Much like the cliché “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl,” is the same implication of what it means to be a Healer who has dedicated their life to healing. I had no idea what the next step was going to be for me. Now, I receive even more satisfaction healing others with our serums, bath bombs, and creams. Every customer inspires me to keep creating. They are the catalyst to my success and inspiration to every blend ever made. Being able to use what is natures gift, bestowed to us by the creator itself, to continue to heal our mind bodies and souls, allows me to feel what is means to be standing in the literal translation of the “synergy of love”. There are some days as I wake up to write another “Testimonial of the Heart” entry or concoct a new creation in my beautiful little cozy store. With fairy magic and mermaid lantern jars all around me, crafted and created by my talented daughter, I feel as if I am the most blessed person ever! There is most certainly something to be said in serving others you serve yourself, as the universe itself serves you!

Our botanical blend that makes up our Healing Hands Serum is infused with herbs of Hellichyrsum, Arnica, Chamomile, White Willow Bark, St John’s Wort, Ginger, and Eucalyptus. Combined these herbs and botanicals aide in alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, expediting topical healing, acts as sleep aide, treats burns, and heals on a cellular level.

This botanical infusion utilizes all herbal modalities listed and infused with powerful Reiki energy, love, and the intent of healing in every drop. The individual using it activates the healer within them. We can be summed up as your “instant gratification” or fast food of instant results, but as ancient as the herbs itself that has been used by every magician, witch, chemist, and Healer from Jesus to the American Indian; Healing is not about what you find outside of yourself, but the potency is the juice of your own belief. Your own spark and internal power to heal yourself. The herbs are just the tangible evidence of what is already there to be scratched upon. An affirmation by our creator, to have such abilities to heal. No different than Jesus teaching the Apostles the laying of hands.

There are many herbs to choose from that will replace much of your chemical induced products in your medicine cabinet. And best of all does not act like a band aid. You truly receive the healing on a cellular level, rejuvenating and replenishing our bodies as it was meant to be. Our serum acts like a daily herbal supplement that you take but bypassing the digestive tract where you lose all the nutrients in the acidity of your stomach. I like to think that quite possibly that through incorporating these herbs in our regime of daily replenishing, we could change the gene pool and live to be 100 years or more again. Maybe even 200. One never knows. Captain planet says “The power is within you”

Much love everyone.

From our Radiant Family to yours

Misty Dawn

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