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Did you know that when you buy microgreens by the tray that hasnt been harvested they last much longer then when you buy them less. Most retaurants buy micros by the tray because it more cost effective and you can harvest as you go. 


Microgreens are a simple way to add superfoods packed with twenty more times the nutrients and vitamins then vegetables, with three times the flavor and less carbs. They can be sprinkled over any dish, used in baked goods, and smoothies. 


We offer a variety of Micros

Spicy Radish to give a kick

Sunflower-nutty flavor

Arugula-that buttery lettuce flavor you have grown to love


Dun Pea taste just like a Snow pea pod

Basic Salad mix of Kale, Arugula, Red Cabbage, and Kohlrobi 

Spicy Salad mix is the Basic with a hint of spicy mustard

Beet-taste just like a beet. 


Tray of Microgreens

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