Throw your own spa party and sale your products, while you pamper your guests. We make it easy, step by step what to do, using samples, and relaxing your guests.


Radiant Ambiance Spa Party

(5) 8 oz Aromatherapy sprays (Retails: $8.00)

(2) 4 oz sampler sprays (Retail: $4.00)

Radiant feet- Start your party out with a foot body detox salt soak in a basin of hot water. Your guests love this relaxing aroma of salts that fortify with minerals.


All masks and healing creams 2 oz (Retails:$10.00)

(5) 2 oz Fancy Feet Peppermint Foot Cream with Healing Serum

(2) 2 oz sampler of fancy feet

5 Green tea foot masks with healing serum

2 Black Raspberry vanilla foot masks

3 fancy foot peppermint masks


Foot-and body detox salt soak- (5) various aroma

Then apply hot towels to guest’s face, opening the pores, and use one of our clay mask applications-in Green Tea, Black Raspberry Vanilla, or Chocolate brownie.

5 Green Tea Clay mask for face

green tea mask samplers

5 Black Raspberry Vanilla mask exfoliator

3 samples

5 Brownie batter clay masks for face

3 samples


Then use our Rosemary mint oil for a scalp massage. Don’t forget time from time check in on hot water in your guests’ basins, they get cold, and need warmth $6.00 retail for rosemary mint scalp massage

5 Rosemary mint scalp massage oil 3 samples massage oil


Then take off face mask with hot towels, apply Botanical hydrator samples for face. All love my face serums $35.00 retail

5 Botanical love my face serums with infused botanicals, hydrator, clarifier, antiseptic, age defying and cell generation


Exfoliate feet after soak with one of luscious hydrating Sugar Scrubs, or Salt glows, then super hydrate with our body butter

(10) Body butters, in various aroma -$20.00 retail

(5) 2 oz sampler of body butter various aroma

(5) Sugar Scrubs -$20.00 retail 16 oz jar

(10) 2 oz sampler scrubs various aromas

5 Salt glows -$20.00 16 oz jar

10 (2) oz sampler salt glows

That completes your spa party.

Don’t forget if your guests love these Spa and pampering products then they are going to love our everyday products for daily use


5 Cooties be gone bath bombs (3 per bag) $10.00 per bag retail

5 Breath Easer Bath Bombs

5 Breath Easier Sprays

2 4 oz sampler sprays

5 Natural Bug Repellents

2 4 oz sampler sprays

20 Goats milks soaps

5 bath-bomb cupcake body wash-mermaid dreams

5 bath-bomb cupcake body wash-fairy fantasy

5 spf sun blocks

5 spf mermaid hair

5 Mermaid hair green tea hydrating mask

5 Black Raspberry Vanilla hydrating mask for hair


​$1,500 Wholesale package Retail $4,500

Spa and Pamper Party Kit