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Gluten Free made with Honey and Pure Cane Sugar with a spicy blend of Radish Microgreens. 

Moist and Delicious. Mocha Mint scrumptious that any healthy conscience consumer would enjoy.  

Coconut oil, Almond Flour,Egg, Honey, Pure Cane Sugar, Coffe, Mint, Pecans Chocolate and Radish Microgreens, makes up this blend. 

If you have a nut allergy do not buy this product. 

All microgreen food products needs to be refrigerated to assure quality and freshness. 

Simply take out of refrigerator zap in microwave and you have a guilt free warm chocolate treat


Our Individual packages comes with two. To enjoy one for now, and another for later. 


(2) Mocha Mint Micro Brownies

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