This kit is for those who have just discovered the Healing Benefits of our products, and need very little startup money to sell products they believe in.


All kits include Literature, Point of sales Display and charts, The medicinal healing vale of the herbs how they work and how they effect the body. Includes Testimonials for the hardest of skeptics, Step by step instructions on how to deliver an effective demonstration. Samples of the oil, and samples to sell or hand out as gifts.


(5) 4 oz size of Healing Hands Pain Relief Serum (Retail: $35.00 per bottle)                  

(10) 1 oz size of Healing Hands Pain Relief Serum (Retail: $15.00 per bottle)

(10) Healing Hands Pain Relief Serum Tea Soaks (Retail: $5.00 per bag)

(1) Healing Hands 32 oz Tea Soak in a Jar (Retail: $30.00 per jar)     

(2) Healing Hands 16 oz Tea Soak in a jar (Retail: $15.00 per jar)          

(5) Healing Hands Pain Relief Tea soak in a Tea Canister (4 per unit) (Retail: $20.00 per canister)

(5) Healing Hands Pain Relief Bath Bomb (3 per bag) (Retail: $10.00 per bag)

(1) 4 oz bottle of Healing Hands Tester Bottle

This package retails for $600

Radiant Beginnings Start-Up Kit


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